Autocross 2015 Season

2015 AX Website

2015 AX Season – Standings and Course-maps

Date Map Results Course Designer
March 28 Map Results Dave Dunwoodie
April 12* Map Results Kevin Laird
May 16 Map Results Dave Dunwoodie
June 14 Map Results Larry Sharp
July 18 Map Results Kooz
August 23 Map Results zooK
September 12** Map Results LPR Archives
October 25 Map Results Ichabod Crane
Season Standings Results
*2 day Zone weekend
GGR host Sat., Apr. 11
**2 day Zone weekend
GGR host Sun., Sep. 13
2015 Zone AX Rules.Final
2015 Zone Classify

See a video of an actual LPR AX tech inspection

Directions to Marina Airport

2015 AX Team

Trailer Storage: Borelli Motorsports
Trailer Transport:
Ed “Racer”
Course Set-up: Bill Charon, Chuck Dewey & Dave Dunwoodie
Tech Inspection: Dave Dunwoodie, Chris Schaut & Mike Koozmin
Timing & Trailer Set-up: Chuck Dewey, Mike Koozmin
Registration and Our Girl Friday: Kris Vanacore
Worker Check-in: Carol McNamara
Chief Driving Instructor: Barry Pangrle
Results, Timing & Scoring: Rena Schaut
Early A.M. Gate Security: Les Schreiber
AX Chair: Anne Roth
AX Co-Chair: Larry Sharp