Autocross 2013 Season

LPR Autocross

Test your skills and limits at the LPR Porsche Autocross

2013 AX Season Standings and Course-maps

Date Map Results Course Designer
March 23 Map Results Kevin Laird
April 13 Map Results Dave Dunwoodie
May 26 Map Results Larry Sharp
June 16 Map Results Bill Charron
July 27 Map Results Bill C. & Dave D.
August 25 Map Results Larry Sharp
September 28 Map Results Dave Dunwoodie
October 13 Map Results Dave Dunwoodie
Season Standings Results 2013 Trophy Winners
 Autocross Parade Rules 2012 REV C

See a video of an actual LPR AX tech inspection

Directions to Marina Airport

2013 AX Team

Trailer Storage: Borelli Motorsports
Trailer Transport:
Course Set-up: Bill Charon, Chuck Dewey & Dave Dunwoodie
Tech Inspection: Dave Dunwoodie & Chris Schaut
Timing & Trailer Set-up: Chuck Dewey, Kevin Laird, & Kristen Ryder
Registration: Kris Vanacore, Kristen Ryder
Worker Check-in: Carol McNamara
Chief Driving Instructor: Barry Pangrle
Results, Timing & Scoring: Rena Schaut
Safety: Chris Schaut
Early A.M. Gate Security: Les Schreiber
AX Chair: Anne Roth
AX Co-Chair: Larry Sharp